Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Throw Rug - Mom vs. Winston

I have found this new game to play with mom.

We have been playing it every day for about a month.

I actually didn't know it would be so fun, but I get mom so frustrated I hope she will make me an outside kitty. No such luck yet though.

Hitting my litterbox everyday as soon as mom gets home is the key becuz she is in the laundry room which is where the inside garbage can and my litterbox are both kept.

I do my smelly business and then she does her daily cleaning of my messes. She goes outside the backdoor to throw away my mess bag. The backdoor exits out of the laundry room.

The game starts... I play with the throw rug. I scrape it with my foot, I lay on it, I try to roll around on it, then I try to hide my litterbox with it.

Its not a heavy throw rug, so it is easy to move all over the laundry room floor, and put into a pile when the mood fits me - which lately is everyday.

Mom comes back in and straightens the throw rug so it looks nice, and will be o.k. when dad comes in from work to wipe his feet.

She goes and changes her clothes. While she is doing that I continue to play the Throw Rug game and try to hide my litterbox again.

This time the throw rug makes it into the litterbox. Mom can hear mom - she peeks around the corner. I run run run run fast fast fast fast hide hide hide

Mom starts to straighten the rug again, my turn to peek around the corner. She looks at me out of the corner of her eye, but I pretend I don't see her do it.

I have to tell you mom keeps my litterbox very clean and fresh - so this game is not cuz I am trying to tell her "things stink". It's just my new game. I love the throw rug.

She has even tried to put the heavier throw rug in that area, but my paws are so powerful that I can move it too. Its just that if I play the game while mom and dad are at work there is no one home to get the rug out of my litterbox. I can kinda get the light one out of the litterbox by myself. I got big feet and iz smart.

We play this game all night. One night I heard mom tell dad that yesterday she had counted, she straightened the rug 15 times. That sounds like alot of times.

If it is alot of times it must be cuz I am having fun. Also as fun as batting my mice around.

I wonder how fun Duckie will be. Did I tell you mom ordered me a Duckie, so I can be part of the Duckie Club? I am soooo excited.


Until duckie arrives in the UPS box, I will have to keep playing my Throw Rug game with mom.

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  1. :) No rug is a match for you and your powerful claws.