Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Time No Mews, Meows or Tail Swooshes

Many kitty moons have passed since my last entry. Why you ask?

Sorry I cannot answer that with one simple answer.

Could be one of many reasons:
  1. Kitty Blog Block

  2. Laziness

  3. Mom too tired to help me type

  4. Hilter stole the puter, or maybe it was Nippers Duckie. Haven't seen Nippers for a couple of months now. So Duckie is MIA

  5. Outlaws come to visit to much, makes mom crankie.

  6. Mom got new position at work, not much time for her to dilly dally.

  7. I have boring life.

  8. No baby skunks or baby raccoons this year to make things exciting. Mom thinks the mommies and daddies got trapped by someone and taken away. She doesn't want to think of that. Dad say they probably all got hit by cars, I don't like that idea either.

  9. I think my funny bone is broken - looking for humour cuz I get annoyed easily nowadaze.

  10. Need to make time for my anipals and furrends, cuz they are the ones that make me the happiest, along with belly rubs, ear scratches, and nosetaps.
Wuv to you all, as I haven't forgotten you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow Learner ? Me ?

Oh my. I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote on by BLOG. Me bad. Very Very Bad.

I want ta know if any other older adult cats r slow learners. I'll be 11 yrs old in March. March 13 I believe mom said. Las year my birfday was Friday da 13th, I was so glad Iz not a Black Cat - dat wud hav ben severe bad luck for sure. Oh geez, der I go again gettin off topic. Grrrr I hate it wen I do dat.

Slow Learners? Hmmmm Apparently dat is me or at least it is mom's opinion.

Da other day mom was doing her weekly chore of changing da sheets on her bed, she had washed da sheets and decided to put dem back on da bed as dey came directly outta da dryer. Whooo Whoooo nice and warm!! Normally she puts a different set on, so da new set is never warm. I wuv anyting warm dat comes outta da dryer. *Purrrr* *Purrrr*

So as she is puttin da bottom sheet on I decided to jump up on da bed and help her. Warm feets immediately, den she put the top sheet on ... oh dat was heaven ... I was covered up in warmth. It is a King Size bed and the whole top sheet was on, I couldn't find my way out. Den mom started pwaying wit my paws, den wit my head. I wasn't sure it was mom, so I bit at da sheet, den I tugged at da sheet, den I tried to get mom's hand, even thou da sheet was still on me. Oh this is fun!! I never pway dis game before. I want to pway dis game some more. We pwayed dis way for almost an hour. Heee Heee

When we done dad wanted to know what took mom so long making da bed, she told him Winston decided to help, and proceeded to tell him da story. *Oh dey are talking about me again* Hee Hee I like it when dey talk about me. I listen closely when I hear my name.

Anyway mom was saying to Dad dat I had never pwayed in da sheets like dat before, normally I just lay on dem and look at her. It took Winston almost 11 years to learn how to pway in da sheets. Momz old cat Precious pwayed dat way every week for 17 years, until she couldn't get on da bed anymore. So apparently Precious learned dat game right away. Hmmmm I'll show mom, just wait.

It now comes time for bed, dad went to sleep in da spare room cuz mom had their room way to warm for him to sleep comfortably. Yeah I gets to sleep wit mom. Mom crawls into bed and says "Goodnight Winston". I normally sleep at foot of bed, dis time I walked up and gave mom a shove in her shoulder, she looked at me, I looked back and I gave her another shove. She lifted the sheet to pet me and I crawled under da sheet. I'd never done dat before ... I wanted to pway da sheet game somemore, so we pwayed for a little bits, but den she stopped and ignored me.

It was really time for bed. I couldn't wait for the next night to try it again.