Thursday, August 6, 2009


Mom came home yesterday talking about work.

They were having a safety day at work and giving away products. They even gave them bags for the products. Then there was the story of the K-9 doggie named Huey.

Apparently mom and her co-worker had to stop and pet Huey after asking permission to do so. I guess he is only 2 years old, so he is like a puppy in their eyes. Mom and Tina were both caring product bags, and mom was carrying a fudgecycle, a nice chocolately fudgecycle. Yummy she didn’t even think to bring it home to share.

So Huey had the nerve to put his head in Tina’s product bag, and decided he needed the contents more than Tina did. Then bored with Tina’s stuff, Huey the K-9 doggie decided to try to take my mom’s fudgecycle away from her. I am assuming that Huey is a chocolate sniffing dog.

Mom said she didn’t give Huey her fudgecycle but he sure wanted it. Tina offered Huey the Frisbee that she had gotten, but apparently it was not time for Huey to play. He was at work to do work. I think Huey was there to steal my mom’s heart. Cuz she sure smiled as she talked about him.

Grrr Hssss - If they are bringing doggies to mom’s work to steal mom’s heart dey can leave those dang doggies at home.

I am sure Tina’s anipals aren’t really happy with her either. Coming home with strange doggie smell.


Blog Block

I have had a severe case of Blog Block. I cannot think of anything to say somedaze.

You think with all the anipals that come to visit me I would have lots of stories. I admit there are quite a few cute stories, but for some reason I am having a hard time getting them into words.

I am finding myself just wanting to say Meow meow meow.

*Purr Purr Purr* - oh I keep forgetting Pixie-bobs don't purr. Well at least I don't. I think I do in my head, I want to in my head. The purr mechanism just don't work for me. So I just Meow and Hssss.

Blog Block... Hmmm what is there to say.