Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hilter, the Outside Sister Cat

This is my Outside Sister Cat Hitler (I type her name as Hilter) - her name is still under discussion. She orignally lived with other humans. The humans lived in my parents' rental house. Hitler is the name she has had for over 8 years, they gave her the name cuz of - well you can tell for yourself. When her first human parents left the rental house, they ask my mom and dad if Hilter could stay with us - my parents said yes and apparently we legally adopted her.

Mom and dad tried for a month to call her Charley (Charley Chaplin), she wouldn't come when called. So they went back to Hitler

Now since I have been twittering and blogging I keep typing her name as Hilter - maybe a good thought. Also one of my followers suggested Kitler. Another good thought.

But for me right now she is my Outside Sister Cat, the one with the mustache. I luv her no matter what mom and dad call her. She's mine.


  1. You want to look here! Cats that look like!

    Hilter is cuuute!


  2. You sister is a cuteee. I like Hilter as a name, too. It makes viewers wonder.