Wednesday, June 3, 2009


HOT HOT HOT… This heat has to stop.

I am drinking lots and lots of water to keep my tongue full of the licky wet stuff. Taking baths is hard, all my hair sticks to my tongue.

I try to cuddle up to mom for a belly rub, then all my hair sticks to her or comes off in her hand. She throws my extra hair away, I think she needs to donate it to the “Bald Kitty Fund”

Have you seen those bald kitties? They have NO hair. Don’t they get cold when the white stuff falls from the sky around the time Santa comes? They must almost have to live under mom and dad’s bed covers. Burrr I would be very COLD.

But thinking about being BALD, it would be great right about now – it would feel sooooo good.

Mom tried to put a cool very wet cloth on me. I don’t like water that much, just a little to help the hair do. I ran away from her and then came back and sniffed the cloth when she wasn’t looking. It felt good on my nose.

Mom and Dad brought home more of those things that blow air. They are all over the house now.

This must be how birds learn to fly. Their mom’s and dad’s bring home air machines and let them practice. I know I will be able to take flight at any moment.

I need a nap, I will stay far enough away from the air machine that it won’t blow up my ears. Just far enough away that it lightly blows my fir.


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