Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dad is sleeping in my bed

It has been very hot in the Seattle area, that is what the man on the TV thing says.

It must be true Mom and Dad have every window in the house open, and Dad has moved to my room to sleep at night. He brought this big huge noisy thing into my room that blows air all around. Mom says its too noisy and she can't sleep with it buzzing at her all night. So now I got to share my room. What is up with that?

I feel like the air chases me, I try to swat at the air to get it out of my whiskers. When I look out the window to see the racoons going up and down the tree the air blows right up my short stubby tail. How rude!!

Then of all things dad talks to me all night, when I try to answer or go up for cuddles he just coughs and sneezes and snorts and makes all kind of weird sounds, I wonder how mom sleeps with all the weird noises that come out of dad all night long. It seems like it would be easier to sleep with the loud air blowy thing.

Mom and dad just left for work, the house is quiet, now I get to sleep.

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