Monday, June 8, 2009


Let me tell you how tall I am. I am very tall.

Mom tries to tell me I am very long, not tall. We have this disagreement often. Meooowww Hssssss

She measures when I am on all four feetz; I meazure when I am on my back 2 feetz. I measure how tall I am by reaching doorknobs.

I don’t like closed doors, I don’t know why I don’t like them clozed, I just don’t.

In our old house before we moved only the front door and the back door had locks, none of the doors inside the house had locks. The bathroom door DID NOT have a lock. I learned when I got to my full height (or length as mom says) at about 3 years old how to open the doors by pawing the doorknobs.

Devil kitty smile…

Mom and Dad got used to me opening up the bathroom door during their shower time or their litter box time. They would just ignore me.

Now when company came to visit they weren’t alwayz real happy with me. I hate human company, I only like critter companiez. I would hide in the house until the company went to use the human litterbox and then I’d open the door and run away. Meow Hssss

In the new house the bathroom doors have locks. I do not like them, when mom wants private time she locks the door. When she takes a bath a nite though she leaves it unlocked in case I want to come in and have a sauna. I love saunas in the winter.

I can still open the doors without locks so mom and dad usually just leave the doors open. Sometimes they close them all to see how long it takes me to go around the house and open them.

I even have a new trick, closet doors. At the old house the closet doors had doorknobs and opened like a normal door. In the new house the doors are on sliders. I have to work a little to open those. Paw Paw Paw.

I like the one with doorknobs better.

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