Thursday, June 11, 2009


Camera is out

Mom’s checking its batteries and memory chip

I am so excited I can’t sit still

Purrrr Purrr Purrr (oh that’s right Pixie Bob’s don’t purr – It’s the Bob Cat trait)
So I pretend to purr, wrap myself around mom’s ankles

Run Run Run

Have to get rid of the extra sheddy hair I have

Rub Rub Rub

Now my hair is all over the edges of the sofa, mom will have to groom that later


Mom’s trying to take pictures, but I can’t be still I still too excited!!!!

She is giving me my commands

Sit – no I can’t do that now

Down – no I don’t want to do that either

She is on the ground at my level, laying on her belly - *Nosetaps* to the camera

Bad pic - all you see is my nose and its blurry

Do I want belly rubs? Heck yes I want belly rubs, but you have to put down the camera

Nope, she’s getting up off the floor
She’s taking the camera outside
She’s taking pictures of Hitler (my outside sister cat)

NO… It’s Not Hitler Time, It’s Winston Time. Come back inside with me.

Hitler poses good for mom, she lays down and gives mom a photo shoot of her belly, then of her long beautiful black tail, then she smiles so mom can get a picture of her mustache (her name sake).

Mom comes back inside, it’s my turn, it’s my turn.
Ankle rubs, oh no I almost made mom fall

Mom’s grumble about no cooperation, the camera is going back in the bag

Photo Shoot is over and I had no good takes
I thought the Butt shots were great, but mom just growled at me

Blog photos will have to wait until another day


  1. What's wrong with butt shots?

  2. Some butt shots hurt! Oh, that's something else. We will patiently wait for pictures.