Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Litter aka AssFault

Sorry I haven’t visited my blog in a couple of days

Mom hasn’t been feeling good, so we haven’t spent much time at the puter

Mostly cuddling, lots of belly rubs for me

Dad’s a dump truck driver, he usually works 4 daze a week, gone a long time those 4 days though

I miss him

He has been laying on the floor with me when he gets home, I love playtime with dad.

Yesterday he worked but he spent most of the day bringing lots of cat litter to our house with his huge dump truck. I didn’t know they made cars or trucks so big.

By the way Mom said to tell you that it was not cat litter, but actually recycled assfault (don’t tell her but I am going to call it cat litter anyway). The cat litter/assfault is 4 our driveway and parking areas. We have lots of play space, dad said it’s almost an acre. Dad was telling mom 10 truck and trailer loads came into our driveway alone.

My neighbor doggies Diesel (Rottweiler/Black Lab mix), Sammy (Long-haird German Sheppard), and Mercedes (Westie Terrior) also got cat litter/assfault in their driveway (dad shared). I don’t understand why they got cat litter cuz they don’t have any cats at their house only dogs.

Another neighbor doggie Chewy (Australian Heeler) got cat litter 2. No cats at that house either. I think dad is very confused.

I watched out the window as all the doggies rolled and rolled in the cat litter. It looked like they were having a party and they thought the cat litter/assfault was for them.

All my neighborhood kitty friends then came last nite and was checking out the piles at our house. They didn’t come to the door or the window to play with me like normal, they just played on the big piles of cat litter/assfault. Even the raccoons sat on the piles for awhile.

2 me assfault sounds like there should be a deformity in a critters butt, not something that goes in the driveway, but that is only a cat’s opinion.


  1. Boy, there sure is a lot of kitty litter being delivered to your neighborhood. I bet it looks so nice.

  2. It looks very nice, dad says it is much cheeper (free) than having the driveways actually assfaulted. Mom and dad did our old driveway the same way. Our outside is looking beautiful, and has lots of fun places to hide when I sneak out the door.

  3. Hi! I noticed you following me and I wanted to say how honored I was. Nice to meet you!