Friday, June 12, 2009

Plant Delivery

Man in the Big Brown Truck came to the house yesterday and brought us a big brown box. I waited and waited for one of my humans to come home.

Sleep and Wait, Sleep and Wait

I’m awake now

Time to eat

Time to drink

Where’s my ice water, the water is there but the ice is gone –
it was there tis morning – where did it go? I didn’t eat it.

Take a nap, stretch, chase the fly – bug patrol that is MY job.

I hear gravel moving; Mom is home! Mom is home!

Hurry Mom we got a present, you have to open the present. Is it Santa time? Can’t be it's way tooo hot outside.

Mom brought the box into the house and got out the knife to open the box.

I got excited cuz the box had lots of those white peanuts in it. I love playing with them and batting them across the floor, but once I start trying to chew on them mom takes them away cuz she is afraid I will get sick. Meow Hssss

Once she got the peanuts out and into the garbage I noticed that there were green leaves in the box. Hmmmm Lettuce? Catnip? Whatever could it be?

Meow Meow – Let me in the box, I wanna see, get outta my way I WANNA see.

Lilacs. 3 of them

Rose of Sharon (human grandma’s name is Sharon). Is it Grandma’s Rose? No – our rose for our garden. There are 3 of those too.

Hydrangea, mom says its fluffy flowder balls can be 12inches diameter. She says it will be huge for a flowder. Is 12 inches bigger than one of my front footz? Cuz they are huge.

Butterfly Bush. Mom says it will attract Budderflies for me to watch, but I can’t play with them. They are delicate. Kinda like the birds in the birdfeeder. The Blue Jays and Crows don't look delicate. I love the finches, they look soft and happy.

So what is in the box for me to eat? "Nothing" get down off the counter? They'r not yours.

Meeeooowww Hssssssss

Mom took all the plants outside and watered them with the sprinkler, dad is planting them today. No greenery for me this time.

I really need to order some catnip, then my name will be on the box. It will be delivered to me.

The man in the Big Brown Truck will say "PLANT DELIVERY FOR WINSTON"


  1. I always get the box, but sometimes it would be nice to get whats in the box. hsss