Monday, June 22, 2009

Positive Side of the Weekend

Outlaws R Gone. Meeeeoooooowwwwwzzzzzzaaaaaaaa

Human Cuzins R Gone (children all under 8); they r way too busy for an old cat like me. I do not, and I repeat DO NOT like to be chased. Grrrrrrr

Hilter loves the kids, so she was designated babysitter.

No one stayed overnight at our house, so they didn’t mess my bed up. Cat hair is still in place.

Grandma-Outlaw brought lunch - which is good cuz people would have starved without it, mom only made sweet and sour meatballs, frozen kind from sam's club. She said no work needed for people that don't appreciate life.

Mom did contribute paper plates, paper towels, and plastic wear. Just so the outlaws wouldn’t go in her house and use her good dishes (and bother me in the process).

Grandma-Outlaw left good leftovers - only cuz she didn’t want to take them home and her daughter didn’t want them all.

Drama is over - grandma and grandpa continuously complain about the rest of the family, yet when they show up they are as sweet as sugar to them. Grrrrrrr - What does mom call that? Hmmm 2-faced.

I want to call them scar face - *HEADBUTTS*

Mom and dad wonder what they say about them? Must not be really bad, cuz they keep coming back. (That is a negative thing they say – should be on a different list cuz it's not a positive thing).

I get puter time again. Mom locks the puter room when company is there. She has caught the outlaws on the computer in the past.

Mom and Dad are back in good moods. **Purrrsss and nosetaps**


  1. I is so releeved to hear you survived the outlaw attack.

  2. Hey! Winston! How are ya? Yep, I'm a Pixie-bob. I've got 7-toed catcher's mitts. I'm 4 so we couldn't be furblings. Dood! I need more pictures of ya!

  3. I'm so glad that you survived without too many problems! Sounds like that wasn't a very nice visit!!!

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