Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kool Daze

I am sooo excited that it has cooled off. It seems like the sun has been soooo hot for soooo long lately. Hssss. Yesterday it sprinkled from the skyz.

Mom lets me snuggle for longer periods of time now and my belly rubs are back to being as long as I want them.

Last night I was even able to sneak into the pile of clean hot towels that had just came out of the dryer. Mom had to answer the fone and I snuck into the very bottom of the cloz pile, I laid there real quiet. Oh it was sooo warm, it felt soo good.

Mom came back to fold the cloz and I came out and pounced at her. meoowwww teee heee meows.

She tossed one of the rag towels at me and we played and played. I even scrunched at her like I was going to attack, she wasn't afraid she just tossed the towel at me again. I grabbed the towel in my teef and ran wit it. Then my big feetz got in the way and I tripped and went rolling with the towel. I felt like I was a young kit again. Meowwww

I brought her my toy wit the jingle bell on it, I love tat sound, we played with that toy too.

It is so nice to be back to Kool Daze, playing wit mom and dad all nite witout overheating is great.

I hope the hot sun stays awayz for awhile.

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