Thursday, February 5, 2015

My New Life Over the Rainbow Bridge 02/04/2015

My first thoughts as I headed through the clouds.

Was it really my time to go?  I played so hard this morning so mom wouldn't take me to the sleeping vet.  She sat there with tears in her eyes, and said "Winston, I don't know what to do."  "PLEASE, tell me what to do."

All I could do was jump into her lap and purr.  It took me 13 years to learn how to purr.  The first time I did it she was speachless, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was told that the Pixie-Bobs that were closest to there BobCat ancesters normally would not purr. I was only 3 generations off, so I was really close to being a PURE BOB CAT.  I wanted to do the BOB CAT Chirp, never purr.  But that is another story.

Back to going Over the Bridge...  Will I be forgotten?  Mom cried as I went to sleep, and told me that she loved me and would never forget me.  As I looked down I saw mom, at our home, my water mug is still sitting on the coffee table, just as it has for almost 16 years.  Sisfur kitty Hilter, better stay out of my mug.  The kitchen sink is hers.  Not my mug.  ---  Oh, my I have to go back - I forgot my mug.  I forgot my duckie, I need a pillow.  ---  head down.

Who is going to update furrends with my Facebook, my Twitter, and the Blog that I have not written on in almost 5 years?  Will they remember me?  Will they forget me?  Was I a good furrend?  I wasn't a very good communicator in the end, I am so sorry my dear furrends.  I thought of you all the time.  It is funny how life gets in the way of good crazy cat fun.

Mom is constantly talking to me.  Can she hear me? I am talking back.  Mew, Mew, Mew....  Please let me come back.

O.K.  I made it though the clouds.  Now I see that Rainbow Bridge everyone always talks about.  It is beautiful.  I see a puppy?  Turbo is that you?   Its my puppy - Turbo...   His tail is wagging, he is barking at me just like when I was a kitten.  I ran toward him, he smells so good.  He is sooo soft.  I bit his tail and he laughed at me.  Just like when we were young.  I was halfway up the Rainbow Bridge, I turned around to look over my shoulder.  Half of me wanting to go back to my home, and the other half of me wanting to explore with Turbo.

Of course, you know my curiosity got the best of me and I followed Turbo....  I guess maybe I can blog from the kitty heaven.  And my story will continue.

Thank you all for caring, and I love each and everyone of you.  Those who have touched my life in the past and also those of you who will touch my new life of the future.


  1. I didn't know you Winston but heard from CK that you have made your journey to the Bridge. I know you will feel healthy and young again now you are there meeting all your old friends. I send my gentle purrs of condolence to your family.

  2. Oh Snowydaze—I’ll always know you as Snowydazy—I’ll never forget you. Someday we’ll all be together and we’ll go on more roadtrips with Beaver driving and George on the dashboard showing his ducky crack. I miss you so much but not as much as your Mom. I’ll love you forever and ever. Hugs.

  3. Winston, I didn't know you but I know that my friend CK's heart is breaking. Know that you were so loved here on earth and will never be forgotten. Please watch over your family and friends and help them to feel your presence.

  4. I know you will never be forgotten by your Mom and your dear friend CK. I wish I had known you because you sound like a sweetheart.

  5. We didn't know Winston and we don't know why he had to leave for the bridge yesterday but we are teary as we read this post because we know the pain of saying good-bye. Soft purrs and paw taps.

  6. You are not forgotten Winston, you'll never be forgotten. I'm sending your mummy my purrs, and she's in our thoughts.

    Fly free sweet boy, I know our Inigo will be at the bridge to greet you.

  7. I read about Winston's passing on CK's blog. When a beloved cat leaves for the Bridge, we all relive our losses and join you in mourning.
    Purrs and sympathy.

  8. Sweet, sweet Winston. my BFGF Cathy Keisha let us know you had to make your journey to The Bridge. I am sad I never knew you. We are here for your family and holding them in our paws and hearts as they griever your passing. Sweet dreams

  9. Winston, you will always be here...maybe not physically, but memories of you will live on...and that means you will live on.

    We send comforting purrs to your mom. Purrsssss....

  10. Tears make it hard to type, but the love is so strong in your words. Be at peace and know you are loved.

  11. Tears make it hard to type, but the love is so strong in your words. Be at peace and know you are loved.

  12. Oh Winston...we didn't know you before, but we know you now and you certainly are a wise and wonderful angel cat!

  13. Weez didn't get da chance to know yous while you wuz here, but we wish you well, and weez sendiin' yous mommy and sisfur lots of hugs and kitty kisses. Weez'll also be purrayin' fur 'em.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. I didn't know you Winston but heard from CK that you have made your journey to the Bridge.
    I send my gentle purrs of condolence to your family <3

  15. Oh, Winston..what a beautiful post. No, you won't be forgotten by any of us, particularly mom. You'll be in the clouds, sunpuddles by her feet, and in her heart always. Sending love and purrs,
    Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin and Bridgie x

  16. Oh Winston what a lovely post. We know your Mom will always love and remember you and that she treasures the time you had together.

    Look Whiskers and Charybdis up for us. We still miss them very much, and we just know all of you will be good friends.

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