Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Respond to the Demands of a Cat

I have been having issues with my Human Dad.

He used to sit on the sofa and I would lay along side him when I wanted my belly rubbed. Now that it has been sooo hot out he thinks he needs to lay on the floor in front of the air blower machine (Fan I guess its called) to watch the TV.

I hate that air blower machine thing, it scares me and annoys me all at once. It blows my fur outta place, it blows my ears, and worse of all it blows my tail feathers (well I guess I don’t have feathers – that's Nippers my duckie that has the feathers on his tail). But my tail is almost short enough to be a duck tail.

I have finally gotten enough courage to lay in front Dad so I can get a belly rub or it won’t happen at all. But the Belly Rubs are different laying on the floor than they were when I was laying next to him on the couch. Maybe its because he is laying down and not sitting up. I just don’t know. Not enough torque on the belly muscles. I try to use mechanics words so he will understand. He gives his cars more belly rubs than he gives me.

The process of getting to the position to receive a belly rub often seems long and drawn out. I have to lay down, get up go in a circle, re-adjust my lay down spot, lay down again, this time more on my back and less on my side. Last night I had to re-adjust at least three times if not more. I would meow at dad during each rotation, and he would ask "Ain't I doing it right?" I would MEOW - NOOOO, and try again. I finally gave up gave him a even louder MEOW and walked away with my tail in the air. I had had it.

I really want to give the job back to mom.

I don’t know what mom finds so demanding, but she hasn’t been setting down very often lately so she is no help at the Belly Rubs, Nose Rubs and the gentle Tail Pulls that I absolutely adore. I like her’s the best anyway so trying to train Dad is a major kitty headache.

Oh then there is the issue of the Air Conditioner that has been placed in their sleeping area. That room is nice and cool. The room is very comfortable for sleeping, but the door has to remain shut for the room to stay cold.

I don’t know if I have told you this before, but I HATE closed doors. They let me in and I want out. They let me out and I want in. Why can’t they just leave the door open like they do the rest of the year. Of course, if I'm on the outside of the door I have the talent to open the door on most occasions, however last night I asked to go out the door and they blocked the door on the inside so I couldn’t get back in. I MEOW and MEOW to no avail. They purposefully ignored my demands.

That is NOT how Humans are suppose to Respond to the Demands of a Cat. If a cat MEOWs humans should immediately respond.

My opinion Humans need more training with their cats and less time away from the home at that place they call work.

Thank is my thought for the day. *Tail Up In The Air*


  1. Now Winston, stop and think about this a minute. I think if you convince your mom and dad to put in central air conditioning, it would solve all of your pwoblems. The doors then has to stay open so all the rooms is cool. Your dad can sit on the sofa again. No fan to blow your furs around - the fan is outside not inside. How kewl is that? Your dad is a mechanic. Can't he puts one in your house? I mean it has a motor thingie like cars do it just doesn't go anywheres.

  2. Absolutely I hate it when the blowy thing musses my floof.