Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Haley" The Neighbor Cat – The Intruder

Haley, what can a cat say bout Haley??

Haley iz:
alwayz thirsty
alwayz hungry
alwayz lookin for attention

Haley luvs da raccoons
She iz alwayz hungry (oh I already said dat)
Now Haley is an intruder.

Mom haz alwayz been nice to Haley. If Haley sits at da front door and looks longingly into mom’s eyes, Mom always gives in and feeds her. Mom says Haley iz losing weight, mom’s afraid tat Haley’s humans aren’t feeding her.

Since mom luvs all living creatures, except maybe snakes – mom will run at da site of a snake. Mom will feed whatever comes to da door. Except humans, they can fend for themselves she says.

Haley hasn’t learned how to knock on da door like da raccoons do.

So last night…. Haley was hungry and causing a ruckus outside da front door. Mom could hear her and went and got her food. As mom was trying to get out da door to feed Haley, Haley decided to make my inside home hers. What da heck?

What is this big hug orange cat doing in my house? She walked in like she owned the place. Like she had been in the house before.

Now Haley is only 3 years old and we have only been in da house 3 years. As far as I know she has never been in da house, unless mom snuck her in. But I don’t tink so. She would have left orange fur and orange kitty smell.

I had to rub for over an hour on da spot she laid to get her smell off my carpet. Meeooowwww

I like her to visit with da screen door in-between us, I don’t need her to come in and get up-close and personal. She wanted to cuddle. Oh girl kitty germs.

Mom picked her up and took her back outside to her food dish. She apparently wasn’t dat hungry cuz she went directly to her water bucket and proceeded to try to drink da bucket dry.

No Intruders in my house, as long as I am da King.

NO NO NO .... No Intruders in my house!!!


  1. Oh, Winston, Haley looks like she would be a good friend. Try to think of her as a visitor not an intruder, heehee.

  2. I understand your point of view Winston. But I'm wondering if Haley is lonely and hungry. I bet she would be a great sisfur if you gave her a chance...

  3. We hates to admit it but we agree wif Tuck. We fink Haley is lonely and hungry. She wud be an awesome sisfur given a chance, asides she's young yoo can teach her da ways!

  4. I dunno Winston, Haley seems to need a GOOD forever home. I think you Mom knows that too. You will and would always be KING of your jungle..Haley would know that..give her a chance!

    Noir in Texas

  5. may have another cat in the house whether you want it or not.

  6. I'm with ya on this one. I don't want any other cats horning in on my good thing. Keep vigilant. However Haley is awfully cute. You might reconsider.