Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get Me Tuna or You Get HairBall Stew!!

How do you remind Humans dat canned Tuna (in Water) is a necessity?

As a cat waitin for my Tuna fix I can tell you it can seem to take ages.

Mom must haved run out of Tuna last week. I have meeooowwed and meeooowwed every morning since. Mom and dad must be deaf cuz dey didn't even acknowledge me when Iz in da kitchen meeoowing my heart out.

I can tell when we have no Tuna. I can open da cabinet and there are no cans where da tuna is suppose to reside. If there were cans available I would knock them to da floor wit my big fat foot. Of course, I only do dat when mom and dad are at der works, so dey don't know it was me. Not sure how dey don't know dat cuz Iz da only critter in da house when dey are at work. I try tell mom it was her grandpa's ghost, cuz he loved Tuna. She just shakes her head at me.

She has tried to substitute Hilter's wet food for Tuna. Da other day she gave me some of that yucky stuff on my plate. I smelt it cautiously and den socked mom wit my big paw cuz it was not real tuna - you know the human kind. It was fake Tuna, you know da kind dey pass off to cats as real, not thinking dat da cats are smarter den dey sometimes look. And dey do know real Tuna from fake tuna. How Hilter can eat dat stuff is beyond me. But then again Hilter will eat anything mom puts on her plate.

Huffffff, grrrrrr, hsssss Still no tuna this weekend. I will eat my dry food, cuz it is very good, but I really want Tuna. meooowwww meeooow meeoooowwww

Yesterday mom came home from work with a whole bag full of Tuna cans, she sat the bags on the countertop, but did not offer me any. I really expected to be served immediately.

Sooo mom here's to you.

Cough Cough Hack Hack HairBall one.

Run Run Run Hack Hack Hack HairBall two.

Run Run Cough Cough Jump up onto dinner table. Cough Cough Hack Hack. HairBall Three.

Mom runs to open Tuna can. She knows that she has waited tooo long, and the hairballs have collected in my belly. So Mom... You are Too late!!! Now you have to deal with the consequences. HairBall cleanup.

Now it's mom's turn to hack hack gag gag. Mom hacks and gags until she is almost blue. MOL MOL

*whispers* serves her right!

Maybe next time she will remember to bring home Tuna immediately when we run out, or even better yet. Never run out at all.


  1. We have never had tuna but I think I will start demanding it... or else!!

  2. tuna in da can

    tuna on da floor

    tuna everywhere

    da's what I adore



  3. Many thanks for this great info! (Purrr!)
    My human was shown your blog and will now be feeding me tuna to make sure things get worked out alright. MOL I just hope I can keep my kitten weight and won't be put on a diet by that mean vet.