Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Racoon Friends

Everynight I have 4 racoon friends that come to the door.

When they show up I stand on my back legs and bang on the window next to the door so mom will know that they are ready to be fed.

I have tried to open the screen door latch and let them in (I am very tall or maybe I should say long). Mom gets mad at me cuz she is afraid that I will get out and go live with the racoons. They are not scared of me or my humans. Mom feeds them the cheap catfood (I get the expensive kind). Sometimes she lets them have raw eggs. Last nite I talked her into giving them peanut butter too. I read on the computer that racoons like that stuff - it is toooo sticky for me.

Someday they will come in and play, I just know it.

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