Friday, February 6, 2015

True Name, Nicknames and Alias


Here is a blog I found in my archives that I hadn't posted....

My true given name: Jasper’s Winston Cup.
The mixture of it all came to being because my biological dad’s name is Jasper and then because my forever mom and dad love NASCAR and at the time it was the Winston Cup Series.
Nickname: Winston
Other Names that I hear to get my attention (alias):
Winston Cup
Butt Head
Fart Blossom (who me? Fart? I really tink it was dad)
Big Foot
Little One
Dumb Ass
Spikey (cuz of my short tail – I tink)
Snowydaze (Snowy)  - facebook, and twitter furrends special name for me.
How my humans expect me to remember and respond to all these darn names is beyond me.
They are lucky when I respond to “Winston”, which I usually ignore.
What gets my attention the quickest? Hmmm let me see
#1 Dad laying down and on floor when he gets home from work and its after his dinner. He will yell “Winston, it’s time”. Then I know itz time for belly rubs. The long session.
After belly rub session, I like to rub back and forth in front of dad’s face and spike his nose wit my stubby tail.


  1. I agree with you, these names are very strange. But your father likes and wants a closer relationship by nicknames.

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  2. The humans like to have many names for us cats. Maybe they think we will actually pay attention to one of them if they have enough.

  3. Thanks for the share, love reading your blog.