Friday, February 6, 2015

True Name, Nicknames and Alias


Here is a blog I found in my archives that I hadn't posted....

My true given name: Jasper’s Winston Cup.
The mixture of it all came to being because my biological dad’s name is Jasper and then because my forever mom and dad love NASCAR and at the time it was the Winston Cup Series.
Nickname: Winston
Other Names that I hear to get my attention (alias):
Winston Cup
Butt Head
Fart Blossom (who me? Fart? I really tink it was dad)
Big Foot
Little One
Dumb Ass
Spikey (cuz of my short tail – I tink)
Snowydaze (Snowy)  - facebook, and twitter furrends special name for me.
How my humans expect me to remember and respond to all these darn names is beyond me.
They are lucky when I respond to “Winston”, which I usually ignore.
What gets my attention the quickest? Hmmm let me see
#1 Dad laying down and on floor when he gets home from work and its after his dinner. He will yell “Winston, it’s time”. Then I know itz time for belly rubs. The long session.
After belly rub session, I like to rub back and forth in front of dad’s face and spike his nose wit my stubby tail.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My New Life Over the Rainbow Bridge 02/04/2015

My first thoughts as I headed through the clouds.

Was it really my time to go?  I played so hard this morning so mom wouldn't take me to the sleeping vet.  She sat there with tears in her eyes, and said "Winston, I don't know what to do."  "PLEASE, tell me what to do."

All I could do was jump into her lap and purr.  It took me 13 years to learn how to purr.  The first time I did it she was speachless, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was told that the Pixie-Bobs that were closest to there BobCat ancesters normally would not purr. I was only 3 generations off, so I was really close to being a PURE BOB CAT.  I wanted to do the BOB CAT Chirp, never purr.  But that is another story.

Back to going Over the Bridge...  Will I be forgotten?  Mom cried as I went to sleep, and told me that she loved me and would never forget me.  As I looked down I saw mom, at our home, my water mug is still sitting on the coffee table, just as it has for almost 16 years.  Sisfur kitty Hilter, better stay out of my mug.  The kitchen sink is hers.  Not my mug.  ---  Oh, my I have to go back - I forgot my mug.  I forgot my duckie, I need a pillow.  ---  head down.

Who is going to update furrends with my Facebook, my Twitter, and the Blog that I have not written on in almost 5 years?  Will they remember me?  Will they forget me?  Was I a good furrend?  I wasn't a very good communicator in the end, I am so sorry my dear furrends.  I thought of you all the time.  It is funny how life gets in the way of good crazy cat fun.

Mom is constantly talking to me.  Can she hear me? I am talking back.  Mew, Mew, Mew....  Please let me come back.

O.K.  I made it though the clouds.  Now I see that Rainbow Bridge everyone always talks about.  It is beautiful.  I see a puppy?  Turbo is that you?   Its my puppy - Turbo...   His tail is wagging, he is barking at me just like when I was a kitten.  I ran toward him, he smells so good.  He is sooo soft.  I bit his tail and he laughed at me.  Just like when we were young.  I was halfway up the Rainbow Bridge, I turned around to look over my shoulder.  Half of me wanting to go back to my home, and the other half of me wanting to explore with Turbo.

Of course, you know my curiosity got the best of me and I followed Turbo....  I guess maybe I can blog from the kitty heaven.  And my story will continue.

Thank you all for caring, and I love each and everyone of you.  Those who have touched my life in the past and also those of you who will touch my new life of the future.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Time No Mews, Meows or Tail Swooshes

Many kitty moons have passed since my last entry. Why you ask?

Sorry I cannot answer that with one simple answer.

Could be one of many reasons:
  1. Kitty Blog Block

  2. Laziness

  3. Mom too tired to help me type

  4. Hilter stole the puter, or maybe it was Nippers Duckie. Haven't seen Nippers for a couple of months now. So Duckie is MIA

  5. Outlaws come to visit to much, makes mom crankie.

  6. Mom got new position at work, not much time for her to dilly dally.

  7. I have boring life.

  8. No baby skunks or baby raccoons this year to make things exciting. Mom thinks the mommies and daddies got trapped by someone and taken away. She doesn't want to think of that. Dad say they probably all got hit by cars, I don't like that idea either.

  9. I think my funny bone is broken - looking for humour cuz I get annoyed easily nowadaze.

  10. Need to make time for my anipals and furrends, cuz they are the ones that make me the happiest, along with belly rubs, ear scratches, and nosetaps.
Wuv to you all, as I haven't forgotten you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow Learner ? Me ?

Oh my. I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote on by BLOG. Me bad. Very Very Bad.

I want ta know if any other older adult cats r slow learners. I'll be 11 yrs old in March. March 13 I believe mom said. Las year my birfday was Friday da 13th, I was so glad Iz not a Black Cat - dat wud hav ben severe bad luck for sure. Oh geez, der I go again gettin off topic. Grrrr I hate it wen I do dat.

Slow Learners? Hmmmm Apparently dat is me or at least it is mom's opinion.

Da other day mom was doing her weekly chore of changing da sheets on her bed, she had washed da sheets and decided to put dem back on da bed as dey came directly outta da dryer. Whooo Whoooo nice and warm!! Normally she puts a different set on, so da new set is never warm. I wuv anyting warm dat comes outta da dryer. *Purrrr* *Purrrr*

So as she is puttin da bottom sheet on I decided to jump up on da bed and help her. Warm feets immediately, den she put the top sheet on ... oh dat was heaven ... I was covered up in warmth. It is a King Size bed and the whole top sheet was on, I couldn't find my way out. Den mom started pwaying wit my paws, den wit my head. I wasn't sure it was mom, so I bit at da sheet, den I tugged at da sheet, den I tried to get mom's hand, even thou da sheet was still on me. Oh this is fun!! I never pway dis game before. I want to pway dis game some more. We pwayed dis way for almost an hour. Heee Heee

When we done dad wanted to know what took mom so long making da bed, she told him Winston decided to help, and proceeded to tell him da story. *Oh dey are talking about me again* Hee Hee I like it when dey talk about me. I listen closely when I hear my name.

Anyway mom was saying to Dad dat I had never pwayed in da sheets like dat before, normally I just lay on dem and look at her. It took Winston almost 11 years to learn how to pway in da sheets. Momz old cat Precious pwayed dat way every week for 17 years, until she couldn't get on da bed anymore. So apparently Precious learned dat game right away. Hmmmm I'll show mom, just wait.

It now comes time for bed, dad went to sleep in da spare room cuz mom had their room way to warm for him to sleep comfortably. Yeah I gets to sleep wit mom. Mom crawls into bed and says "Goodnight Winston". I normally sleep at foot of bed, dis time I walked up and gave mom a shove in her shoulder, she looked at me, I looked back and I gave her another shove. She lifted the sheet to pet me and I crawled under da sheet. I'd never done dat before ... I wanted to pway da sheet game somemore, so we pwayed for a little bits, but den she stopped and ignored me.

It was really time for bed. I couldn't wait for the next night to try it again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gramma OUTLAW – Held Hostage by Baby Skunkie

Heeeeeee heeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I sorry mom and I can’t stop laffin; so its going to be very hard for us to type dis story. But dis story has to be told.

Heeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Gonna try to tell da story I promise. Without laffter interruptions, not sure how well that is going to work though.


Dad parents (Mom’s OUTLAWS) came to visit dis weekend from da other side of da mountains. Itz bout a 7 hour drive for dem when dey come to visit, so dey stay for couple of days before turning round and goin back home.

Dis time dey came to see der grandchildren (dad’s niece and nephews) all pway Soccer. Da girl is 8 yrs old, da older boy is 7, and da younger boy is 4. Dis is der first year playin soccer so it is real fun to watch. Mom and Dad always come home laffin from da games.

------- OH NO… I got off track again. Dis story about Gramma and Skunkie

So... Gramma and Grappa OUTLAW came to our house Friday afternoon and stayed until late evening dat night (dey come back Saturday and Sunday too – dey stay in a HOTEL just to sleep). When dey come all da humans hang out in da heated garage to visit instead of in da house. Der are always about 15 – 20 of dem cuz all dad’s bruvers & sisters come, pwus der spouses and all der kids. Dis way da house carpets are safe from spillage of treats, juice, etc.

Anyway back to story … Mom had fed Hilter (outside sister cat) when it was jus startin to get dark. Hilter always eats all her wet canned food, but only eats little bits of her dry food and saves some til later, unless the skunkies or raccoons come to share first. Den mom sometimes has to feed her dry food again.

Mom fed Hilter and da silly cat only ate part of her dinner; so der were leftovers. About dis time gramma had to use da baffroom in da house. Unfortunately she was not quick about it. Since she took her time by the time she want'd to come out da front door Baby Skunkie had showed up and was eatin da leftovers. Apparently gramma told Skunkie to go away, but Skunkie wouldn’t leave. Gramma even tried to go out da door, but she didn’t move fast enough; da skunkie went down 2 steps off da porch, but came right back when gramma didn’t move quickly to the steps like mom does.

Mom always talks nicely and sweet to Skunkie – but gramma was yelling at Skunkie. Iz really suprised Skunkie didn't squirt her. Gramma even yelled through the screen door for dad tinkin da other humans in da garage would hear her, but no one did.

MOL - I sat in da shadows and grinned and giggled to my kittyself.

Mom said dat Grappa OUTLAW asked where gramma went and his daughter told him potty, but no one thought to go check on gramma.

It was about 20 to 30 minutes later dat gramma finally came into da garage, yelling something about being held hostage by da SKUNK. She went on and on and on. Da more she went on the more everyone laffed at her. She didn't think her family was nice laffing at her, but gramma OUTLAW is never nice - so who cared. Mom and Dad both told her dat Skunkie wouldn’t hurt her or spray her, but she didn’t believe dem.

She told mom and dad Skunkies needed to be shot. She told grappa to get gun outta car and shoot dem. Mom got mad and told her to leave her Skunkies alone. Dey not hurt anyone or anyting. If she got sprayed it was her own fault becuz of not talking nicely to Skunkies.

Gramma has poop problems so she had to go to bathroom again not too long after da skunk episode. Dis time she brought grappa to stand guard on da porch. Of course, gramma husband (Grappa) plus all her children and grandchildren laffed. Mom and Dad almost peed dem selves dey laffed so hard. Mom and Dad couldn’t stop laffin all weekend. Dey were still laffin last night when dey went to bed. Dey were tink keeping the Baby Skunkies around wasn’t a bad idea after all. If skunkies stayed near, maybe outlaws wouldn’t come visit as often.


Being held hostage by a Skunk – who would ever believe dat story?

Dey teased her all weekend. Yet, yesterday when dey went to go home Dad finally asked her why she didn’t go through da house and use da back door? Heeee Heeee Heee; den everyone laffed even harder.

I wanted to send da story to CNN “Grandma Kidnapped by Skunk! – Den held Hostage!”


Mean old Gramma OUTLAW. What goes around comes around. Right now Skunkies are my mom’s best friend.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get Me Tuna or You Get HairBall Stew!!

How do you remind Humans dat canned Tuna (in Water) is a necessity?

As a cat waitin for my Tuna fix I can tell you it can seem to take ages.

Mom must haved run out of Tuna last week. I have meeooowwed and meeooowwed every morning since. Mom and dad must be deaf cuz dey didn't even acknowledge me when Iz in da kitchen meeoowing my heart out.

I can tell when we have no Tuna. I can open da cabinet and there are no cans where da tuna is suppose to reside. If there were cans available I would knock them to da floor wit my big fat foot. Of course, I only do dat when mom and dad are at der works, so dey don't know it was me. Not sure how dey don't know dat cuz Iz da only critter in da house when dey are at work. I try tell mom it was her grandpa's ghost, cuz he loved Tuna. She just shakes her head at me.

She has tried to substitute Hilter's wet food for Tuna. Da other day she gave me some of that yucky stuff on my plate. I smelt it cautiously and den socked mom wit my big paw cuz it was not real tuna - you know the human kind. It was fake Tuna, you know da kind dey pass off to cats as real, not thinking dat da cats are smarter den dey sometimes look. And dey do know real Tuna from fake tuna. How Hilter can eat dat stuff is beyond me. But then again Hilter will eat anything mom puts on her plate.

Huffffff, grrrrrr, hsssss Still no tuna this weekend. I will eat my dry food, cuz it is very good, but I really want Tuna. meooowwww meeooow meeoooowwww

Yesterday mom came home from work with a whole bag full of Tuna cans, she sat the bags on the countertop, but did not offer me any. I really expected to be served immediately.

Sooo mom here's to you.

Cough Cough Hack Hack HairBall one.

Run Run Run Hack Hack Hack HairBall two.

Run Run Cough Cough Jump up onto dinner table. Cough Cough Hack Hack. HairBall Three.

Mom runs to open Tuna can. She knows that she has waited tooo long, and the hairballs have collected in my belly. So Mom... You are Too late!!! Now you have to deal with the consequences. HairBall cleanup.

Now it's mom's turn to hack hack gag gag. Mom hacks and gags until she is almost blue. MOL MOL

*whispers* serves her right!

Maybe next time she will remember to bring home Tuna immediately when we run out, or even better yet. Never run out at all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Skunks

Gotta Wuv Dem

This is some of my outside wildlife family that hang out on the front porch. These are only the babies, mom hangs out somewhere else until the babies are done eating. Then she comes and eats the leftovers; if there are any.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Mom came home yesterday talking about work.

They were having a safety day at work and giving away products. They even gave them bags for the products. Then there was the story of the K-9 doggie named Huey.

Apparently mom and her co-worker had to stop and pet Huey after asking permission to do so. I guess he is only 2 years old, so he is like a puppy in their eyes. Mom and Tina were both caring product bags, and mom was carrying a fudgecycle, a nice chocolately fudgecycle. Yummy she didn’t even think to bring it home to share.

So Huey had the nerve to put his head in Tina’s product bag, and decided he needed the contents more than Tina did. Then bored with Tina’s stuff, Huey the K-9 doggie decided to try to take my mom’s fudgecycle away from her. I am assuming that Huey is a chocolate sniffing dog.

Mom said she didn’t give Huey her fudgecycle but he sure wanted it. Tina offered Huey the Frisbee that she had gotten, but apparently it was not time for Huey to play. He was at work to do work. I think Huey was there to steal my mom’s heart. Cuz she sure smiled as she talked about him.

Grrr Hssss - If they are bringing doggies to mom’s work to steal mom’s heart dey can leave those dang doggies at home.

I am sure Tina’s anipals aren’t really happy with her either. Coming home with strange doggie smell.


Blog Block

I have had a severe case of Blog Block. I cannot think of anything to say somedaze.

You think with all the anipals that come to visit me I would have lots of stories. I admit there are quite a few cute stories, but for some reason I am having a hard time getting them into words.

I am finding myself just wanting to say Meow meow meow.

*Purr Purr Purr* - oh I keep forgetting Pixie-bobs don't purr. Well at least I don't. I think I do in my head, I want to in my head. The purr mechanism just don't work for me. So I just Meow and Hssss.

Blog Block... Hmmm what is there to say.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Of Those Days